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Journal 'Cytokines & inflammation', 2010, No. 4

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Number 4'2010

Role of cytokines in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis

L.Y. Shirokova, S.M. Noskov, O.M. Parula, O.G. Kozlova, R.M. Nagibin, L.N. Dolgova, E.B. Abrosimova

The review contains updated information about the role of cytokines in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis (OA). It is shown that the synovial membrane cells play the role of effectors of inflammation in affected joints. The synovial cells of macrophage type secrete proteases and inflammatory mediators, of which IL-1, IL-6, TNFb, LIF and IL-17 are the most involved in OA. The features of some anabolic cytokines (growth factors - TGFb, FGF-2, PDGF and CTGF) as regulators of homeostasis of cartilage and bone tissues are discussed. Increased knowledge about the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which inflammatory and anabolic cytokines modify the structure and function of synovial cells, may ultimately lead to development of new drugs that are effective in OA. (Cytokines and Inflammation. 2010. Vol. 9, № 4. P. 16-19.)

Keywords: osteoarthritis, pathogenesis, cytokines.

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