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Journal 'Cytokines & inflammation', 2014, No. 3

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Number 3'2014

Production of IL-1β by leukocytes in Helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis

Yu.V. Saranchina, E.S. Ageeva, O.V. Shtygasheva

Objective: to evaluate the basal and reserve level of IL-1β production in vitro in patients with H. pylori -associated chronic gastritis. Materials and methods. Peripheral blood leukocytes from 72 patients with chronic gastritis associated with H. pylori infection were prepared by gradient centrifugation and cultivated without mitogen and with the addition of phytohemagglutinin (PHA). IL-1β production was assayed in supernatants by ELISA. Results. In patients with H. pylori-associated surface chronic gastritis (SСG) and chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG), spontaneous (SP) and PHA-induced IL-1β production was lowered compared with control group. The concentration of rhe cytokine varies in wide range: from 3 to 220 pg/ml. Stimulation index in SСG group of patients was above 1 indicating the presence of a reserve capacity. In CAG group of patients with index below 1 indicated a depletion of cytokine-producing ability of white blood cells. Conclusion. Рatients with production of IL-1β from 20 to 100 pg/ml are capable of optimal reaction to the impact of pathogen, and have reserve capacity. In SСG patients, leukocytes have a higher reserve capacity to secrete IL-1β than in CAG patients. The acute period of the disease is characterized by a high basal level of cytokine secretion, while chronic by a reduced level. (Cytokines and Inflammation. 2014. Vol. 13. № 3. P. .)

Keywords: IL-1beta, leukocytes, Ielicobacter pylori, chronic gastritis.

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