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Journal 'Cytokines & inflammation', 2016, No. 1

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Number 1'2016

Helper and cytotoxic T lymphocyte subsets in patients with multiple sclerosis

I.V. Kudryavtsev, I.I.Krobinets, K.K. Mineev, M.K. Serebriakova, A.M.Petrov, I.D.Stoliarov

Using eight-color flow cytometry, in peripheral blood of patients with multiple sclerosis, different subsets of T helpers and cytotoxic T cells were distinguished based on CD27, CD28, CD45RA and CD62L expression. The obtained data were analyzed with the usage of two main gating strategies. The first one was based on initial analysis of CD45RA and CD62L expression, and T cells were divided into naïve (CD45RA+CD62L+), central memory (CD45RACD62L+), effector memory (CD45RACD62L) and "terminally differentiated" effector memory (CD45RA+CD62L) cells. The second one was based on initial expression of CD27 and CD28 and on the following analysis of CD45RA and CD62L expression on CD27+CD28+ subset, and T cells were divided into naïve (CD27+CD28+CD45RA+CD62L+), central memory (CD27+CD28+CD45RACD62L+), transitional memory (CD27+CD28+CD45RACD62L), as well as effector memory cells and effectors (CD27+CD28 or CD27CD28+, CD27CD28, respectively). It is shown that the relative content of "naïve CD3+CD4+ and CD3+CD8+ cells was inversely related to the degree of disability of examined patients. In the case of T helpers, the relative content of effector subpopulations transitional and effector memory cells, as well as mature effector cells increases with EDSS step. We can assume that during MS the processes of T helper differentiation can be impaired, this finding indicates the leading role of CD3+CD4+ lymphocytes in the pathogenesis of this disease.(Cytokines and Inflammation. 2016. Vol. 15. 1. P. 9199.).

Keywords: flow cytometry, multiple sclerosis, T cell subsets, CD45RA, CD62L, CD27, CD28.

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