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Journal 'Cytokines & inflammation', 2010, No. 3

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Number 3'2010

Role of CD40 ligand in prediction of cardiovascular complications in patients with ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction and diabetes mellitus

Barbarash O.L., Osokina A.V., Karetnikova V.N., Gruzdeva O.V., Kashtalap V.V., Tavlueva E.V., Kiprina E.S., Nikonorova N.G.,.Zykov M.V, Barbarash L.S.

State educational Institution of high professional education Kemerovo State Medical Academy of Ministry of Health Care, Kemerovo, Russia

The objective of the study was to evaluate the differences between inflammatory processes in MI patients with and without DM in terms of its prognostic implications.

Methods. 104 MI patients were enrolled in the study, among them 52 had DM type 2. There were no significant differences in gender or age between groups. Endpoints, e.g. recurrent cardiovascular events, were registered during 1 year of follow-up. The inflammation markers (CRP, IL-6, fibrinogen, neopterin), including sCD40L, were checked on 10-14th day of MI. Carbohydrate metabolism impairment markers included admission glycemia measurements, fasting glycemia levels on day 10-14 and glycated hemoglobin levels.

Results. DM patients had higher occurrence of recurrent acute coronary events leading to hospitalization during 1 year of follow-up. Patients with DM type 2 and adverse outcome did have higher initial fibrinogen and sCD40L levels compared with favorable outcome patients. It was found that there was a direct correlation between admission hyperglycemia in MI patients with DM, sCD40L concentrations and an adverse outcome during 1 year of follow-up. (Cytokines and Inflammation. 2010. Vol. 9, 3. P. 25-29.)

Keywords: myocardial infarction, inflammation, diabetes mellitus, sCD40L.

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