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Year 2017
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Journal 'Cytokines & inflammation', 2016, No. 2

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Number 2'2016

The role of helper T-cell cytokines in the tuberculosis pathogenesis

A.S. Tarabayeva, A.S. Rakisheva, A.A. Abilbayeva, S.M. Omelyanenko, V.V. Li

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is considered a public health problem with significant social impact. Progression of the disease is caused mainly by the interaction between the microorganism and the host defense system. Despite the fact that the main task of the immune system is destroying a pathogenic antigen, the process does not always lead to complete elimination of the microorganism. Currently role of helper T subsets (CD4+) in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases including TB is actively being studied. These studies contribute to a better understanding of the immune mechanisms involved in the formation of latent or active TB, and the development of its clinical variants on the basic therapy. (Cytokines and Inflammation. 2016. Vol. 15. № 2. P. 140–147.)

Keywords: T helper subpopulations, cytokines, tuberculosis.

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