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The editors of the journal 'Cytokines and inflammation', offers authors the following requirements, which comply with international rules of building manuscripts and summaries.


The volume of the original article - up to 20 thousand characters including figures, tables, references, Russian and English summary, the number of references should not exceed 15.

The volume of a review should not exceed 30 thousand characters (including figures, tables, references, Russian and English summary), the number of references shoiul be about 60.


At the beginning of the first page to indicate: 1) the initials and surnames of authors; 2) title of the article; 3) the names of the institutions in which the work was done; 4) city (cities), where the institutions are located.

Followed by:
Introduction (indicating the objectives of the study);
Materials and methods;
Results and discussion;
Acknowledgments - references to grants etc.
Summary in Russian;
Summary in English;
Figures or photographs;
Legends to Figures.

At the end of the manuscript, please place the list of authors containing surnames, name and patronymic (in full for Russian authors), scientific degree, rank, position, signature.

Author is responsible for correspondence indicates his/her name, surname, postal and e-mail addresses and phone.

Summary in Russian (approximately 200 words) should include research objectives, materials and methods, results, conclusion, keywords (up to 5).

Summary in English has the same structure and must contain the translation of the title of article, names of institutions and key words, names and initials of authors.

When writing an English summary, please contact native English speaker or language teacher.

Please follow the following rules:

1. Manuscripts should be sent in electronic form (e-mail), typed in Word text editor.

2. References should be made out as follows. Examples:
-- Dinarello C.A. Biologic basis for IL-1 in disease // Blood. 1996. Vol. 87. N 6. P. 2095-2147.
-- Lancaster T., Sanders E., Christie JM, Brooks C., Green S., Rosenberg WM Quantitative and functional differences in CD8 + lymphocyte responses in resolved acute and chronic hepatitis C virus infection // J. Viral Hepat. 2002. Vol. 1. N 1. P. 18-28.
-- Khaitov R.M. Secondary immune deficiency // Immunologiia (Mosk,). 1999. N 1. C. 14-19.
-- Yershov F.I. Antiviral drugs. Moscow: Meditsina, 1998. 186 p.

3. We strongly recommend to carefully verify each reference. The correct spelling of authors' names, their initials, journal titles, volume number, issue number and page numbers (first and last), please check against the electronic databases PubMed (http://www.pubmed.com) (free access) or LIBRARY.RU (http://www.elibrary .ru

4. It is forbidden to send to the editor works, which have already been published or sent for publication in other editions.

5. Proofreading is not sent to the authors. Any changes are agreed with the authors by e-mail.

6. Royalties and compensation on reviewing of manuscripts aren't provided.

7. Manuscripts not accepted for publication will not be returned to the authors.

8. The journal 'Cytokines and inflammation' publishes articles free of charge. The only exception are urgent (emergency) publications - urgency to be paid (see. "Paid publication").

9. To be sent to the editor:
-- a file with the manuscript - by the editorial board e-mail ( or ; paper copy - at: Cytokines and Inflammation, Briusovskaia Str., 12-75, St. Petersburg, 195271, Russia);
-- one printed copy of the manuscript with the visa of the head (head of the department, division, laboratory, research supervisor), the list of authors (surname, first name, middle name, position, phone, e-mail address),
-- the official application of the institute for adoption of the manuscript to consideration and publication, confirming the manuscript wasn't published anywhere earlier, isn't under consideration or in the press in other edition and won't be sent to other edition if it is accepted for publication by the magazine 'Cytokines and Inflammation',
-- in case of payment for the accelerated publication - the copy of the receipt with the indication of surname of the author.


Each manuscript is subjected to the review process for compliance with the topics of the magazine and for the purpose of peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the manuscript, and have their own publications on its subject in the last 3 years. Reviews are stored by the publisher and in the editorial office for 5 years.

Manuscripts are selected for publication by peer review process by two reviewers from the editorial board or by appropriate specialists invited outside. The reviewers are selected by the editor and always include known specialists in the field the manuscript concerns. The third person reviewing all manuscripts is the chief editor. He reads each manuscript several times: to choose appropriate reviewers, to start correspondence with an author, and to check author's corrections. Persons engaged in reviewing manuscripts remain unknown for the authors. If the opinion(s) of the reviewer(s) is negative, the author is notified about the rejection of his/her manuscript and supplied with the remarks of reviewers.

Chief editor send authors the reviews copies and/or a motivated refusal.

Editors are obliged to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, if requested.


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